1699-2018: life as an Ursuline Sister

Thanks to 3D modelling, discover the Ursuline monastery in Trois-Rivière in a new light. Access locations where few people have been authorized to set foot. Tour the attic, crypts, monastery rooms, basement, and more. Walk the hallways as if you were there!
Senior citizens
Outside the museum


60 minutes
| $150+ taxes, Travel costs possible at more than 25 km from the Museum

In your own home | Common area | recreation area
We know that it can be hard sometimes for senior citizens to travel. That’s why we’re bringing our exhibition to you! Featuring hands-on activities, a tasting of a typical Ursuline recipe, and workshops, this module can be tailored to your needs.

Group visits available only upon reservation

Contact us to schedule your tour. We’ll be happy to help you find the fun educational activity that meets your needs. We can also provide one of our activities at the location of your choosing.