In the heart of New France:

– June 15-16-17-20-21 of 2022 –

Open only to a limited number of groups. Registration is mandatory.

Touring the Musée des Ursulines

Visit the historic chapel of the Ursuline sisters and get to know their history and religious art. Handle, observe, and identify the medical instruments used in the past at the Hôtel-Dieu in Trois-Rivières.

“Find the odd one out” activity

Participants will make the acquaintance of a character who lived in New France. They’ll have to find the odd one out from among a list of foods. Which were consumed at the time and which ones were not?

The Cotillon

Participants will then get to stretch their legs as they learn the basics of the Cotillon, a popular dance in the era of New France.

A historical rally in Trois-Rivières

Discover the locations, monuments, buildings, and people who have made their mark in the history of Trois-Rivières. Produced by Patrimoine Trois-Rivières.

The devil at the forge

The rumours state that in a village somewhere in a remote part of New France, strange things were happening. Batiste Leblanc, carter in the village nicknamed “Forges du Saint-Maurice”, has odd tales to tell. Tools working on their own, men fighting bears, crooked trees, and hidden treasures are only a few of the stories he has to share. Will you be brave enough to set foot in the village? The carter himself doesn’t know if he’ll ever go back…

Elementary schools
2nd cycle, On fixed dates


One day
| $12 per student, free for accompanying adults.

Held on even years.

Group visits available only upon reservation

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