Tell me the story – Elementary

What’s going on in this painting? Who are these people ? What is their story ? These are questions that students will be able to answer during this activity. We present a painting, influential figures or a work of Ursuline art and the young people use their creativity to tell us the story behind the work. In groups or individually, in writing or orally, we try to find the real story.
Elementary schools
2nd cycle, 3e cycle, 3rd cycle, Outside the museum


60 minutes
| 6 $ per student, Travel expenses possible at more than 25 km from the Museum

In your class | Community hall | Leisure area

Aware that travel can sometimes be a hindrance to participation, we come to your home! Combining participatory activities, tasting of a typical Ursuline recipe and manual workshops, this proposal can be modulated according to your needs.

The Ursuline Museum participates in the Culture at School program.

Packages available for more than one activity.

Group visits available only upon reservation

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