In the heart of New France:

– June 15, 16, 19, 20, 21 of 2023 –

The next activity will be open to school groups in 2023. Open only to a limited number of groups. Registration is mandatory.

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“Get your trowels” activity

Become an archeologist for a day! Use a trowel and brush to discover the history of Trois-Rivières as you search for treasures of the past. During your archeological dig, you’ll find artifacts that will give you a glimpse of how those in the past lived! You’re sure to make some fantastic finds!

First Nations dances and art

Learn how to enter First Nations territory before and during the era of New France. As you enter, you’ll show your passes that guarantee peace, safety, and the right to trade. Discover how dancing and singing also featured in trading rituals. Make your own pass and discover how dancing and singing can turn strangers into allies, friends, family…

A historical rally

Discover the locations, monuments, buildings, and people who have made their mark in the early history of Trois-Rivières. In addition, you’ll get to experience animated activities at the Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site and discover what life was like in New France.

“Qui sont les rivières qui nous entourent” show

Our fur traders have explored every inch of the surrounding lands. Lakes, rivers, and mountains are some of the challenges to fur trading. According to the First Nations guides, the best way to overcome these challenges is to understand their history. Discover how to climb these mountains and cross these bodies of water. Stories from the past that help us better understand the world today.

Elementary schools
2nd cycle, On fixed dates


One day
| $12 per student, free for accompanying adults.

Held in odd years.

Group visits available only upon reservation

Contact us to schedule your tour. We’ll be happy to help you find the fun educational activity that meets your needs. We can also provide one of our activities at the location of your choosing.